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What People Say...

"Initially came in for a treatment for shoulder pain, headaches, and stress. At first, I was a bit skeptical but after a few sessions, I honestly started feeling like a new person. I never would of thought acupuncture would help, but it does, it really does. Brian really took his time to understand my concerns and he went above and beyond to help with it! Currently, I go in weekly and I wouldn't have it any other way. My husband also does acupuncture and cupping with Brian and he loves it!!"

- S.Y

"Brian is a passionate healer. He truly cares about his patients. He asked all the right questions and is a good listener, which makes you feel like you are all that matters in the treatment room. I had a series of treatments with him for an emotional/mental issue and physical symptoms that came with it. Brian developed a treatment plan that helped me get better gradually but steadily, prescribed herbs that worked and made recommendations for me to seek help from other professionals. He went extra miles to make sure his patients are well between treatments. Highly recommended.”

- T.O

“I came to Brian with debilitating Fibromyalgia pain, as well as depression and frequent migraines. He thoroughly reviewed my medical history and was kind and professional. I immediately saw results after my first appointment! I've continued treatment about twice a week and the pain relief I've experienced continues to amaze me. I've also been able to decrease the use of pharmaceuticals with the help of herbs. Thanks to the true healer in Brian my pain is manageable and I feel like I'm getting my life back!” 

- K.S

"Brian is a very talented professional.  He is always taking good care of you, trying to understand better the cause of your problems and see where he should place the needles.  The acupuncture has helped me to be migraine-free and have a better quality of life.  In addition to his professionalism, Brian has a great taste in music; he selects the best sound track for your sessions, making the treatment be even more relaxed."

"I came to see Brian right after having my gallbladder removed. I wanted to get my body back in balance from the surgery but also find relief from digestive problems and inflammation due to years of having a low functioning gallbladder. Additionally I had been suffering from shoulder pain from an injury a year earlier. Brian is an intuitive acupuncturist. From the first visit I experienced a lot of relieve from my digestive woes. He also recommended an herbal supplement to help and I must say I noticed a difference pretty quickly and continue to feel better and better each day. That nagging shoulder pain that I've been dealing with is virtually gone at his point. Brian is kind, friendly and serious about getting your health back on track. He is excellent at placing the needles; no pain at all! In the past I didn't find acupuncture relaxing but Brian is a master. I highly recommend Brian to take care of your health needs in a natural way."

"Brian is simply fantastic. His knowledge, demeanor and treatments are spot on. I have been extremely pleased with the success and relief I (we) have achieved already in my pain management, digestion and sleep issues after only the second session. After each subsequent visit I just feel better and better. It's great to have a found a partner in wellness such as Brian that listens, is extremely attentive, works with you and is mindful of what you are trying to achieve. I look forward to each session. I could not recommend him more highly."

- M.C

- V.D

- C.S

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